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ESG recognizes that HSE is a critical element of the business system that the company has in place. As such HSE is considered a function of business and is therefore conducted under the same rules and formats as the Quality Assurance System.

ESG read and acknowledge the requirements of the application of HSE standards and compliance with the legislation. We acknowledge that some changes will be required to meet the contract terms. This may be by revision and reissue of documents or by provision of bridging documents to bridge the Corporate / Project gap.

As a general statement by ESG for activities that will apply to any project we unequivocally state that:-

•ESG shall ensure that all activities undertaken in relation to the performance of the contract either by ESG , will comply with all applicable international, national, local or other legislation including regulations , codes and standards particularly that relating to safety, health and the protection of the environment.

• ESG warrants that it is familiar with the contents and implications of such applicable safety, health and protection of the environment legislation and regulations.

• ESG will apply national and/or local legislation to be met within the country(s) where each part of the project is conducted, as well as that of the corporate company legislation.


ESG in fulfilling its legal obligation and its responsibility to provide a place of employment, which is free from identified hazards, ESG has set forth this statement of Policy reinforcing its commitment to maintaining a safe environment, both at the work site and in the community. This Statement of Policy is the Base of the ESG 's Health, Safety and Environmental Management System. The Policy is communicated openly and at every opportunity to employees & customers, and has equal status with other primary business objectives. All personnel shall adhere the policy and any violations should be immediately brought to the attention of management.

ESG 's philosophy is that, in the performance of our work, the Health, Safety and Welfare of our personnel , the protection of assets and the environment are of primary concern.

ESG will provide all necessary resources and funding to ensure the safety of its personnel and protection of the environment.

ESG believes that all accidents are caused, and therefore, can be prevented. The Safety and health of employees, accident prevention and environmental protection is each operating unit's responsibility.

Employees at all levels will be held responsible and accountable for preventing job related illnesses and injuries, equipment damage and environmental accidents through the diligent and consistent application of the ESG 's HSE Management system.